Backroads Featured Destination | 5 Reasons to Travel to Costa Rica
Just ask the white-faced Capuchin monkeys swinging through the treetops, the friendly macaws chatting in the jungle or the colorful fish flitting through Pacific waters— Costa Rica is the place to go for outdoor fun! One of the most biodiverse—and happiest—countries in the world, this Central American paradise is also one of Backroads' favorite places to explore on two wheels or two feet. Read on to discover five reasons to make Costa Rica your next destination from a local Backroads Trip Leader.
1 | It's Easy to Get There
It can be hard to carve out time for a truly epic adventure. Luckily, Costa Rica is conveniently located for United States travelers, proving that there's no need to travel halfway around the world to find white-sand beaches and stunning wildlife. With direct flights from most major US airports, you'll arrive ready to hit the trail or beach, without fighting jet lag or battling dramatic time changes. This is a great perk for anyone with limited time but ample desire for a proper vacation!
2 | Zip-Lining, Surfing, Rafting and More
In Costa Rica, there’s no shortage of ways to have fun. Start your day with a delicious cup of locally grown coffee, then relax by the pool or ocean with a good book. Next up, move into more adventurous activities as you zip-line and hike through lush jungle landscapes. This balance between relaxation and true adventure is what makes Costa Rica so unique—and what makes traveling here so great!
3 | Jungles, Volcanoes, Beaches and Beyond
The landscapes in Costa Rica are unbelievably diverse, changing from tropical rain forests to Pacific beaches to misty mountainsides in the blink of an eye—and no matter the region, you’ll find unbelievable vistas awaiting you. Although Costa Rica is a small country —about the size of West Virginia —it's one of the top 20 nations in the world for biodiversity.
4 | Stunning, Abundant Wildlife
Costa Rica is home to more than 500,000 species—nearly 4 percent of the species found in the entire world! Protected areas like Manuel Antonio National Park and Arenal Volcano National Park are a naturalist's dream, and Backroads' knowledgeable local guides enrich the experience even further. Milenlly, for example, is a Costa Rican naturalist who has been pointing out even the most camouflaged species to their guests for over a decade. She spots things the untrained eye would most certainly miss, and she's just one example of how Backroads can help you enjoy your Costa Rican experience to the fullest.
5 | The People
Pura vida, which translates to "pure life," is more than a motto for locals; it's a way of life. Costa Rican communities are welcoming, and most ticos (Costa Ricans) are eager to share the unique magic of their country with visitors. There are so many beautiful places to explore in the world, but the best destinations are the ones shared with beautiful people, and nowhere is that more evident than in Costa Rica.
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